Open Architectures (OA) are nothing new to Kaon they have always been our mission


At Kaon we have always recognised the benefits to using OA, our business model is built around the exploitation and commercialisation of emerging technologies. We add value and innovate in the application/user domain, we want our clients to have the best.

When undertaking systems developments we adhere to the following technical principles:

  • Development of layered and modular architectures which address maintainability, interoperability, upgradeability and long-term supportability.
  • Flexible and robust system designs to accommodate for changing technology and requirements.
  • Components that are self-contained elements with well-defined published interfaces.
  • Use widely adopted industry standards.
  • Spiral developments to enable technology insertion as commercial products mature and new products become available.
  • Maximisation of the use of COTS products.

Our consultants have been called upon many times to perform OA reviews and assessments.