The art to solving complex high risk technical problems is through the application of innovative simple solutions

Kaon offers a selection of skills. These fall into the following categories:

Software Engineering – Often regarded as much an art as a skill, our engineers simply understand software engineering, it is at the heart almost everything we do.

Data Recording – Kaon’s heritage is in providing recording solutions – our track record is unblemished, our solutions work first time. We recognise that some recorded data is priceless.

Sonar – Kaon’s grass roots stem from the design/development and support of next generation Open Architecture sonar.

Networks – Renowned for our deep knowledge of networking technologies we deliver secure, reliable, communications solutions.

Signal/Image Processing – Providing innovation in signal processing to give our solutions the cutting edge in detection and classification.

Graphical User Interfaces – Providing the intuitive data visualisation and responsive controls allows operators to get critical decisions right first time.

Interface Electronics – Interfacing to other systems and the outside world is key to the success of all programmes.

Open Architectures – Kaon has been developing using open systems technology since its inception and is a strong proponent of the use of such systems.