Kaon develops high-performance data recording solutions that cover a broad spectrum of application domains and clients. Our recorders have a reliability record that is second to none and have been proven in the harshest of environments. Most are designed for real-time replay and emulate the input data streams.

Open Architecture

Our designs are achieved through the careful selection and integration of COTS components. This is coupled with a deep understanding of the COTS technology and its limitations – this we believe is key to developing real-time streaming recording solutions. The use of COTS and open architectures minimises life time costs to the customer and provides an easy upgrade path. Kaon’s recorders can be easily customised for specific requirements and can also be readily integrated into larger systems. Flexibility is achieved through the use of software recording components and open architecture standards.

Media Formats

Choice of data format on the record media is often of extreme importance in many designs and there are many factors which govern the decisions, we work with our clients to ensure their requirements are met. We ensure all media formats are open and published, such that third parties can seamlessly access the data. Front End Interfacing A major portion of a recording solution is the front end interfacing. The design and implementation of this interface is fundamental to the robustness of the recording solution. Our experience covers a wide variety of interfacing technologies from analogue to multiple Gigabit Ethernet links. Many of our solutions have a continuous streamed input often from several sources, the synchronisation of these often independent streams is crucial to the efficacy of the data recorded.


Our designs cover, computer peripheral tape recording drives, hard disks, RAIDs and historically instrumentation tape drives. Often a variety of intermediate buffering is used from memory to RAID technology depending on the applications and the end media devices. We have designed recording systems across the board from low data rate systems of a few MB/s to record solutions capable of well excess of 1000MB/s and parallel solutions scalable to meet almost any requirement.