Kaon takes pride in its reputation for implementing leading edge network technology solutions. Our in depth knowledge and understanding of network technologies and techniques executed in an open architecture environment, marks us out a leaders in this field.


Our breadth of networking technologies, includes, various “wired” technologies such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM, SFPDP, SONET, Hotlinks and bespoke custom networks we are also familiar with various wire free technologies. Where we have to interface to custom legacy bespoke networks, if necessary we will work down at the FC0/FC1 layers and maintain knowledge of IP stacks, but are more likely to be working with and employing high level protocols. Having worked with IPv4 for well over a generation we understand technological advances in IPv6. We are particularly renowned for our knowledge in multicasting techniques.


Having implemented many solutions employing different network protocols to meet a variety of requirements, we have a deep understanding of the issues surrounding the use of different protocols and middleware. Kaon has performed extensive research into Open Architecture network architectures and middleware, such as DDS (Data Distribution Service) and CORBA, for real-time systems.

A number of the applications we have developed require very high data throughput, guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), limited wire bandwidth and one to one, one to many and many to one protocols. These are demanding requirements, which can only be met by selection of the most appropriate techniques and technologies.

Network Enabled Capability (NEC)

Increasing situational awareness is achieved by connecting, increasing the speed and clarity of information transfer from sensors and sources to commanders and controllers. Equally important is the dissemination of instructions to assets. Network technology is a core aspect to almost all system developments, as sensors, communications and information management become ever more computer based. Connection, management and control of secure wired and wireless networks are key requirements of network ready systems. Kaon understands security doctrine and secure networks through many years operating in the military and national security markets. We provide real-life “Net Ready Solutions” for Network Enabled and Network Centric Capability requirements, especially in the challenging networked sensor area.