Kaon is a proud and active member of the BAE Systems led Maritime Collaborative Enterprise (MarCE).

MarCE is a collaborative Community of Interest (CoI) that delivers Maritime Research on behalf of Dstl and the MoD.

MarCE’s Vision is for UK Royal Navy ships and submarines to be equipped with leading edge technologies that give military advantage.

MarCE’s mission is to support our customer to achieve enhanced value for money from the science, innovation and technology programmes.

MarCE’s goal is to efficiently flow maritime science and technology research outputs through design and development processes and into use.

MarCE abides by collaborative principles:

•    Inclusive and trusted, ensuring that all CoI members are treated in a fair manner
•    Responsible, safeguarding the reputation of our customer and each other
•    Co-operative and open, adopting a proactive approach, promoting and supporting the best technical solutions
•    Opportunity is based on merit and fair competition.

A link to the BAE Systems MarCE website can be found here

A link to the MarCE LinkedIn Group page can be found here

Marine Mammal Acoustic Detection (MMAD)

This provides autonomous passive acoustic monitoring and alert for the presence of marine mammals. Increased public and political awareness of the potential impact of human activities upon marine mammals has meant that the companies and organisations involved must be aware of the presence of marine mammals so they can minimise the amount of disturbance. Kaon has been instrumental in undertaking unique research leading to developed systems which provide a high probability of detection of marine mammals.

Transient Detection

Detection and classification of transient events is a problem for many industries. Kaon has developed a number of techniques for the extraction and measurement of transient events. We provide support to a number of customers, for the trailing and development of new techniques for the detection and classification of specific target transients.

Neutrino Detection Support

Kaon has supported the ACORNE experiments undertaken by Sheffield University in their quest to capture ultra-high energy (UHE) neutrino events, providing sonar data recording equipment. UHE neutrinos rarely interact and more often than not pass through the Earth without interacting. However, once in a while the neutrino does interact, in which case much of its energy goes into heating a small volume of material, which can lead to an acoustic pulse. Candidate events are currently being analysed by the University.