Requirements Capture

Kaon believes key to the success of any systems development is getting to the root of our clients requirements. We go to considerable efforts to understand our clients’ needs from both the functional and end user perspective, thus ensuring each and every systems development is a success to all.

Holistic Approach

Our electronics based systems development expertise encompasses the whole life cycle from requirement capture through design and development to manufacture, installation, maintenance and support. We combine our core skills with those of any required specialist sub-contractors to produce the right solution.

Our project managers consistently deliver multi disciplinary technology solutions of high technical risk, to time and cost.

Risk Management

The flexible approach we offer to systems development takes on board the whole project from conception and manages the risk, filling a gap in your capability or resource, or assisting in the decision process at any instance in the development phase.

Generally our systems developments are structured around managing the risks associated with the exploitation of new technologies in both software and electronics to produce ‘first of kind’ products. We take great care to design the optimum solution to meet your requirements, from a COTS and glue approach to a system that necessitates considerable invention.

Selecting the optimum blend of COTS software/hardware products and the appropriate glue is often the key to the longevity of the solution, working with and spotting the technology trends is a skill we are highly adept at. As a totally independent company we are able to offer an impartial view point based on what’s best for our clients needs.


We are happy to work with third party or legacy applications and incorporate these seamlessly into any solution and are skilled at providing the appropriate solutions to legacy interfaces.

Open Architectures

By default we work with Open Architectures and have embraced such principals.