Technical Domains

Kaon has a wealth of experience in providing both processing systems and algorithms within a number of different domains.

  • Sonar Processing – Our experience is in providing both traditional Active and Passive techniques as well as cutting edge signal detection and extraction algorithms.
  • Audio Processing – This processing is included in many Kaon systems to allow the operators to manipulate and store the data in order to extract signals for aural classification. Kaon has also provided transmission and compression of speech and audio within a number of systems.
  • Image Processing – Kaon personnel have experience in providing solutions including advanced statistical image segmentation algorithms, as well as image manipulation and extraction.
  • RF Processing – Kaon personnel have many years experience in providing processing solutions for RF signals.

Algorithm Development

Kaon is capable of the full development of processing algorithms from their inception and design through the prototyping to full deployment within robust systems.

Fully versed in prototyping tools such as Matlab and LabView, we are capable of quick demonstration and proving of ideas. These are then tuned for the target hardware and operating environment. Full deployment utilising development software languages such as C++, is undertaken after extensive testing of the prototypes.

Kaon believes in extensive testing, with as much data as possible. Although synthetic data is used to test functionality, there can be no substitute for testing with ‘real’ data. We therefore create realistic test harnesses to allow for real data to be passed through the system to test all possible scenarios, to ensure the operating characteristics.

Algorithm Design

Kaon design processing algorithms utilising the best of breed techniques. This often means blending and combining techniques from different fields in order to produce the best solution for a given problem. Many of our algorithms are applicable to multi-sensor or multi-streamed data and as such cross sensor relationships and interactions play an important role in their design and realisation.

Hardware choice and processing load requirements often motivate the design of the algorithm. Parallel processing, across multiple processors, is frequently employed, especially in real-time systems, to provide the required processing power.

Our personnel have extensive experience in producing robust real-time implementations of not only Kaon designed algorithms but those provided by third parties. Careful design and thorough coding practise ensure that our solutions are robust and accurate.